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How Fiery Red can show up in your Management Style

Insights Discovery is a powerful tool that uses a simple four-colour model to help individuals understand their unique preferences and behaviours. The four main colours are Fiery Red,...


Avoiding the Weeds: How to Stay Focused as a Manager

Do you ever find yourself: Feeling overwhelmed by details and losing sight of the bigger picture? Spending more time planning than actually doing? Working hard but not making much...


Asking More Questions: A Guide to Effective Communication

As a manager, it's natural to want to have all the answers. But sometimes, the best thing you can do is ask questions instead of providing solutions. By asking...


Building Positive Relationships: A Manager's Guide

Building positive relationhips can boost happiness, trust, and engagement in the workplace. This not only improves productivity but also enhances the key KPIs you are no doubt interested in....


Welcome to Amblerock!

Hello and welcome to the Amblerock Training and Development website and my inaugural blog post! I'm Nicola Blackmore, the founder and principal consultant of Amblerock Training and Development....