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Management Training & Development

Our mission is to enable managers to reach their potential.

One of the ways we do this is through our Management Training and Development.  We design and deliver practical, engaging and fun workshops and programmes to help managers become skilled, confident and inspiring.  We partner with organisations to develop training programmes tailored to their specific needs and objectives.  To help with this, we have developed a Management Essentials Framework to guide discussions with businesses and streamlines our design processes.


The Four Main Areas of Focus

Management Framework Graphic

We believe that managers need to focus on four main areas to excel in their roles; Reflect, Connect, Grow and Thrive.


Management Trainging & Development Reflect

Reflect is all about understanding and managing self.

We use self awareness tools like Insights Discovery and Motivational Maps to help managers explore their preferences and drivers. This helps them to understand how different mindsets can impact how we perform and influence others.

Management Trainging & Development Connect

Connect is all about understanding and relating to others.

Here we focus on communication skills, the art of building relationships and motivating others. Managers also learn the importance of understanding mental health and wellbeing for them and their team members.

Management Trainging & Development Grow

Grow is all about supporting and developing individuals.

In this area we explore how using a variety of styles and approaches can impact your success as a manager.  They are also taught how to manage performance to maximise individual development and contribution.

Management Trainging & Development Thrive

Thrive is all about enabling and empowering success.

Once people have a strong foundation (explored in Reflect, Connect & Grow) we can focus our attention on facilitating high performance, empowerment and moving teams through periods of change effectively.


A Framework for Developing Great Managers

When we work with organisations to develop their managers, we use this framework to help decide which elements are required and in which order they should be included. This enables us to best meet their needs and objectives and move their managers from Good to Great.

We would love to talk to you about your Management Training & Development needs, contact us to arrange a conversation today!