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Management Training & Development


Our mission is to Develop Brilliant Managers and Outstanding Teams.  For managers, at all points in their journey, we design and deliver practical, engaging and fun training to help them become skilled, confident and inspiring.

We work with organisations to upskill their management populations either in groups or on a 1:1 basis.

We work with key stakeholders in the organisation to build and deliver training that suits the needs of their people and business.

We offer a 'blended' approach to training - meaning that we don't just offer face to face workshops, we also deliver virtual live training (using platforms like Zoom) and online courses.  Depending on the specific needs we can create the perfect intervention using a combination of delivery methods to make sure the managers have everything they need to be the effective in their roles.

Over the past few years we have developed a framework that shows the typical development that managers need to help them be effective in their role.  It is split into modules and development focuses and we use this as a basis to design the programmes that we deliver in organisations (see the visual on the right).


How do we deliver training?

  • Face to Face workshops - We love to have groups together to run interactive face to face workshops.  We pride ourselves on creating engaging, safe and effective learning environments to ensure each delegate gets what they need to be able to grow in skill, knowledge and confidence.  All of our workshops are activity and discussion based and always focus on the practical application of the topics we are covering.  We want to delegates to understand how they can use these new skills...not just tick the box to say they attended.


  • Virtual live training workshops - We also deliver training in a virtual environment too.  We use software platforms like Zoom, to create fun, interactive and engaging sessions that remove the need for any travel or venue logistics.  We work hard to ensure that nothing is lost in the virtual environment, so choosing a virtual workshop will delivery all the learning outcomes that you would get in a face to face environment...just in a different way.  Our virtual live training isn't just 'converted' face to face training we always design specifically for the delivery method so that we can take advantage of the unique elements they bring.


  • Online Courses - Another great way of delivering training is through our online training portal.  We offer pre-recorded courses (either bespoke or from our library) that delegates can access in their own time, at their own pace.  These courses are a series of videos, activities, articles and exercises, that can either sit along workshops as pre or post support work or can be standalone topics covering everything that delegates need to know and supporting them to put the new skills into action.


  • One to one mentoring & coaching - Working on a one to one basis with managers is great to be able to offer a completely personalised and unique experience.  We sometimes work with individuals as part of a larger training offer (to support the workshops they attend) or on other occasions we work as a coach or mentor for a set period to support a period of transition or to help a manager achieve a specific goal.