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Insights Discovery Next Steps


The Next Steps are for individuals and teams who have received an Insights Discovery personal profile.

Getting a profile (and attending an Introduction workshop) is just the start. There are so many ways that the Insights Discovery methodology and profile can help individuals and teams in organisations. Surely it would be a waste to just learn the basics of such a tool and leave it there?

What are the Next Steps?

To enable a greater depth of understand and use of Insights Discovery, we have developed 8 short, interactive modules to help individuals, teams and entire organisations to continue their learning. Our aim being to ensure that their Insights Discovery investment isn't wasted and that their profiles don’t get stuck in a drawer gathering dust.

It is all about leveraging your investment and making the most of this incredible tool!

What is included?

The 8 modules are:

Recognising Colour – The skills of spotting colour energies in action (and knowing what to do when you encounter them!)

Navigating change – The colourful guide to the change rollercoaster. 

Impactful 1:1s & reviews – The art of brilliant 1:1s & reviews using colour energies as a lens.

Mastering Motivation – The colourful approach to understanding individual motivations (without harming carrots or sticks)

Effective Teams – The secret sauce to building an effective team and understanding how the Colour energies play together.

Managing Stress – The practical (and colourful) techniques to combat personal and team stress.

Colourful Communication – The ultimate path to effective communication (with less frustration and name calling!)

Building resilience – The best colourful resources and strategies to help you build resilience.




How do I take the Next Steps?

If you would like to know more about any of these modules (whether we have delivered your introduction sessions or not!) please contact us today.