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About Us


At Amblerock Training & Development we are passionate about helping managers to be brilliant and teams to be outstanding.

We recognise that being a manager can be tough but it can also be incredibly rewarding as you grow, develop and nurture your individuals and team.  The skills you need as a manager don't always come easily to everyone so we are here to help!

Our mission is to provide the training, support and resources managers need to become skilled, confident and inspiring.  One of the ways we do this is by working with organisations to build and deliver training that suits the needs of their people and business. We are experts in...

  • Delivering face to face workshops
  • Delivering virtual live training (using platforms like Zoom)
  • Creating online training that people can access in their own time
  • Creating support materials as resources for managers to use during and after the training
  • Insights Discovery personality profiling tool
  • 1:1 coaching and mentoring

We create workshops, programmes and other interventions using a mix of any or all of these mediums to ensure that the training does exactly what is needed.

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About Nicola - Principle Consultant

Nicola is an experienced L&D professional with over 20 years’ experience of designing, delivering, evaluating and project managing learning interventions for all levels of business – from front line induction and customer service to leadership development and executive coaching and everything in between.

Before she specialised in L&D she was an operational manager in the hospitality and leisure sector and this is where her passion for management development was ignited.  "Throughout my operational career, I was promoted to be a shift leader, supervisor, team manager and finally a Head of Department in various organisations and each time I was promoted because I had shown skill and commitment in the role I was doing but I was never really developed and supported for the roles I was being promoted into.  It was always trial and error (mostly error!) and pain whilst I worked out what being a manager at that level was all about - and my teams usually suffered for a while whilst I figured it out.  I want to make a difference to people in these situations and help them become confident, skilled and knowledgeable enabling them to become the best managers, making a positive impact on themselves, their teams and the organisations they work in."

Nicola is a creative training designer and facilitator, always looking for new and exciting ways to engage learners in training content both in the classroom as well as in virtual training environments.  She has a strong belief that the most effective learning is experiential, flexible, challenging, memorable and fun and the feedback she receives from delegates certainly backs up that belief!