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What manager delegates say...

"I wanted to take the opportunity to say how thoroughly enjoyable the workshop was and how incredibly enlightening I personally found it.  I must also praise your content delivery and activity design as both were impeccable.  Thank you again."

Zach - Manager (hospitality)


"What a breath of fresh air this experience was. It has helped me reflect on myself and what I do as opposed to the theories or techniques that are out there.  It was like being given a large toolbox and being allowed to find the tools that best suited you whilst still having an appreciation of the other tools and that other people may prefer them! A really enjoyable experience, one which I can truly say has helped me not only in my professional life but in my personal life too."

Julian - Manager (Manufacturing)


"It was probably the most engaging program I have ever attended and I am certain it wouldn't be that way without your amazing optimism and professionalism to guide us all the way through."

Michael - Manager (R&D)


"I can honestly say I am using bits of the course both at work and in my home life and the course has given me an extended support network in my role from the other delegates both on this course and the second course that followed ours."

Rob - Manager (Customer Services)


"Nicola expertly facilitated our programme for a series of large groups of vastly different people. She used her knowledge, experience and natural charm to put us all at ease and start working together on some challenging tasks. This was all about looking inward and developing as a person so this could become quite emotional for the groups. However Nicola remained absolutely professional and provided the perfect balance of comfort, direction & coaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found Nicola to be inspirational in her approach. I freely recommend Nicola to all."

Paul - Manager (Technical Services)


What HR professionals say...

"I have had the pleasure of working with Nicola on a number of projects. Not only in terms of attending her fabulous training but also working with her to organize and plan sessions across multiple sites. She has a wonderfully insightful, captivating and unflappable demeanour both inside and outside of the training room. Her amiable nature, flexibility and organizational skills make her particularly easy to work with. As an example, when organizing some larger projects, Nicola would often be on top of details before I even had the chance to think about them, reaching out to my delegates and confirming details meticulously. I honestly cannot recommend Nicola enough."

Chris - L&D Manager (Hospitality)


"I have worked with Nicola for over 2 years now, on a variety of projects and in different capacities.  Nicola's professional and open approach means that she easily builds rapport with delegates when facilitating. Her knowledge and experience shines through as she is able to help delegates to develop their thinking and relate learning to their own situation. Feedback has always been superb.  We have worked together on global projects where Nicola has developed solutions and delivered a very high standard of work to tight timeframes.  We work in collaborative partnership and Nicola will check in and talk through ideas and suggestions for improvements.  Nicola is also a mentor to me as I develop in my role. We have very helpful conversations, Nicola is generous with sharing her insights and experience and is genuinely invested in my progression. She is also a lot of fun!  It has only been possible to work together successfully in all these capacities due to Nicola's night levels of integrity and trustworthiness. She is a pleasure to work with."

Mel - L&D Manager (Manufacturing)


"I had the pleasure of working with Nicola when she delivered a Development Programme to management in our organisation. Nicola has such passion for what she does and takes immense pride in her role. Her wealth of experience combined with a real ability to connect with people at all levels delivers a very high standard and enjoyable learning experience. I would not hesitate to engage Nicola’s services in the future or recommend to others."

Sue - HR Partner


What coaching & mentoring clients say...

"I first met Nicola during an internal refresher training session that she lead. It made me sit up and take notice because this wasn't the usual, typical internal refresher course.  Nicola was engaging, fun and inspiring. She was the main talking point at the end of the session and I knew at that point that she would be a great mentor.  I was a young manager climbing the ranks when Nicola agreed to coach and mentor me. It was all at my own pace but the sessions had the right level of challenge and thought provoking questions that I needed. She was honest, engaging and confidential throughout.  I couldn't recommend someone enough to create and deliver management training at any level, or if your lucky enough to be mentored or coached by Nicola, like I was."

James - Manager (Food Retail)


I found Nicola’s coaching sessions to be nourishing and tremendously valuable in helping me focus and prioritise; during a time I was struggling with overwhelm and felt stuck. She helped me to identify the fear and work through ways to overcome this. I was amazed by Nicola’s ability to translated my body language and identified areas where I was uncomfortable without realising it. This insight had an incredible impact and helped me recognise the things to let go of, to create the space to move forward. Truly remarkable – thank you so much Nicola.

Anna - Coaching Client


Nicola coached me for six sessions over a time when I was establishing and developing my business.  She gave me the space and time to process my thoughts out loud but also had the ability to really ask the killer questions when required.  Quite often I would know what the elephant in the room was but avoided confronting it.  Nicola had a calm and gentle manner and was very skilled at getting to the nub of the situation without losing rapport.  She always prioritised my agenda and followed my energy to drive progress forward.  I would leave sessions energised and refocused – ready to take the next steps in my journey.  Nicola is skilled and compassionate coach.  I would thoroughly recommend using her coaching services.

Mel Bligh, Thrive over 40 - Coaching Client


Nicola is a great coach – I felt like I was talking to a friend during our sessions, but one who was not afraid to challenge certain ways of thinking or provide honest feedback. She was very patient, even when I felt like I was “rambling”, and was able to suggest actions to move me on when I felt “stuck”. Our sessions were constructive, illuminating and fun! I am really pleased that I had this opportunity and feel more confident and positive about the future because of our sessions. I will be booking more. Thank you, Nicola!

Nicola - Coaching Client