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Welcome to Amblerock!


Hello and welcome to the Amblerock Training and Development website and my inaugural blog post! I'm Nicola Blackmore, the founder and principal consultant of Amblerock Training and Development. If you don't know already, allow me to give you a brief overview of what we're all about.

Who we are

Amblerock Training and Development is an independent training consultancy specializing in management development. Our mission is to enable individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. As the principal consultant, I wear many hats, but I also collaborate with a team of experts who support our clients to ensure top-quality services.

Our niche: Developing Managers

We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to organizations for providing training, support, and resources to help them develop their managers.

Often it's the new managers who have been recently promoted for doing well who need the most support. I have had firsthand experience of this, and found myself in a similar position – I was promoted into my first management role and quickly realized just how different and challenging it was compared to my previous position.

That experience is why I'm so passionate about helping new managers understand their roles, acquire essential skills, grow in confidence, and become the best versions of themselves. Effective managers can significantly impact their teams and ultimately contribute to an organization's success. So, getting this right is crucial.

How we deliver training

We offer training through various methods:

  • Face-to-face workshops for group learning experiences
  • Virtual live training using platforms like Zoom
  • Pre-recorded online training courses with activities accessible at one's own pace

Our blended approach creates tailored learning experiences that suit everyone's needs and promote long-lasting learning retention.

Insights Discovery: A fantastic profiling tTool

We use a number of methods to aid the learning experience, one of these is Insights Discovery. It's a profiling tool that helps people understand themselves and their impact on others.

Insights Discovery profiles are often used at the start of a development journey, allowing individuals to understand and reflect on their own traits before exploring management techniques. As an official partner and licensed practitioner for Insights in the UK, I've seen how this tool can lead to life-changing realizations and the benefits that can bring.

Motivational Maps: What motivates you?

Motivational Maps are an ISO-accredited tool based on over a decade of research into human behaviour, organizational psychology, and motivation. Its a great way of finding out how to motivate your team, which can lead to improved productivity and engagement.

What you can expect from this Blog

Through this blog, I aim to share my knowledge, ideas, and thoughts on management, training, life, and other relevant or interesting topics. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts. Stay tuned for more about Insights Discovery and any other exciting developments!