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Growth Cluster - Motivational Maps


What is the Growth Cluster?

Motivational Maps is a self-perception inventory which helps individuals identify the key motivators which drive them and the extent to which they are currently feeling motivated.  The Map is made up of nine motivators which are formed into three clusters; Relationship, Achievement and Growth.

In this blog we will take a deep dive into the Growth cluster and explore what motivates and demotivates individuals who are driven by Creator, Spirit and Searcher…







The Creator motivator is driven by innovation and expressing their creative potential.  Those with Creator as a dominant motivator are motivated by the opportunity to solve problems and create something new or improved.  They enjoy change and variety and the chance to be original.  Individuals with Creator are demotivated by a limited routine or excess of repetitive tasks. They also dislike not being involved or given the opportunity to solve problems and use their innovation and creativity.

To help keep the Creator motivator ‘topped up’ try these strategies:

  • Reward their creativity and innovation.
  • Involve them in the generation of ideas and opportunities to solve problems.
  • Focus on providing a stimulating environment for them to feel creative.







The Spirit motivator is all about freedom, independence and making their own decisions.  This motivator is driven by the opportunity to work autonomously and having choice.  They work best when they have an awareness of the bigger picture and are given clear and specific objectives (although not told exactly how to achieve them!)

They are demotivated by micromanagement and feeling that they are not in control of their journey and destiny.  Being told when, where or how to work will usually dent their motivation.

Try to keep the Spirit motivator ‘topped up’ by trying these strategies:

  • Share the organisation vision and values with them to help them see the bigger picture.
  • Empower them to make their own decisions and reward them with autonomy and freedom.
  • Encourage entrepreneurialism and an ‘owner’ mindset.




The Searcher motivator is focused on making a difference and providing worthwhile things.  Individuals who are driven by Searcher seek meaning and purpose in what they do.  They value being listened to, consulted with and enjoy change and variety in their day to day.  They are demotivated by routine and boring tasks that don’t add significant value to the cause or when they don’t receive feedback or clarity about the value they are adding.

Help to keep the Searcher motivator ‘topped up’ try these strategies:

  • Give them regular feedback and praise.
  • Involve them in significant projects where they can see how they impact the wider organisation’s goals.
  • Ensure they have the equipment and resources they need to complete the tasks (or missions).


If you are interested in finding out more about Motivational Maps, look out for our other blogs about the Achievement and Relationship cluster.