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Achievement Cluster - Motivational Maps


What is the Achievement Cluster?

Motivational Maps is a self-perception inventory which helps individuals identify the key motivators that drive them and the extent to which they are currently feeling motivated.  The Map is made up of nine motivators which are formed into three clusters; Relationship, Achievement and Growth.

In this blog we will take a deep dive into the Achievement cluster and explore what motivates and demotivates individuals who are driven by Director, Builder and Expert…







The Director motivator is all about power, influence and control of people and/or resources. Those with Director as a dominant motivator are motivated by being stretched and challenged, having responsibility and influence and making critical decisions. Additionally they need a clear career path because they like to be in control and are subsequently demotivated by not having opportunities to step up or shape the way things happen. Lastly, an individual with this motivator needs to be able to stretch themselves within the working environment.

Help to keep the Director motivator ‘topped up’ by trying these strategies:

  • Delegate to them and give them responsibility and opportunities to deputise.
  • Give them the chance to take control and make decisions.
  • Allow them the opportunity to shadow more senior people.
  • Have regular reviews of progress.







The Builder motivator is focused on money, material satisfactions and above average living.  This motivator is driven by material and financial rewards, clear goals and targets and working in competitive environments.  They like to have the latest tech and gadgets and are keen to complete training to help increase their chances of promotion and salary improvements.  Another key point is that they will be demotivated by feeling stagnant and undervalued. People with Builder need to be able to see their career path because they thrive when given the opportunities to grow their salary and material benefits.

To help keep the Builder motivator ‘topped up’ try these strategies:

  • Create competitive environments for them to excel and chase the biggest wins.
  • Link their performance to bonuses or prizes.
  • Give them responsibility and opportunities to maximise their benefits.
  • Set clear, tangible goals and targets and keep them focused on the end goal.







If you have the Expert motivator, you are likely driven by expertise, mastery and specialism. Individuals who are driven by Expert value opportunities to learn and often enjoy contact with other experts in order to further their own understanding.  Likewise, they like to share their expertise and are keen to specialise in areas of particular interest and become the go-to person.  Individuals with Expert are demotivated by people not taking learning seriously and by not being listened to (as the expert). It is particularly important to give them the time and space to focus on their personal development. 

Try keeping the Expert motivator ‘topped up’ with these strategies:

  • Give them access to a Mentor (or a skilled expert) to help guide them.
  • Allow them to spend time learning and upskilling.
  • Create opportunities for them to share their knowledge with others e.g. as a trainer or mentor.
  • Set them ambitious targets to stretch and challenge them.


If you are interested in finding out more about Motivational Maps, look out for our others blogs about the Relationship and Growth cluster.