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What Are Motivational Maps?

Motivational Maps are an ISO-accredited tool drawing on over a decade of research into human behaviour, organisational psychology, and motivation. They are not a personality test or a psychometric profiling tool, but a self-perception inventory that reveals key motivators and the level of motivation in individuals, teams, and organisations.

How do Motivational Maps work?

Motivational Maps work by analysing responses to a short online questionnaire, which generates a clear and easy-to-understand report. These reports reveal each person's key motivators and their level of motivation. Each report provides actionable advice on how to increase motivation where it matters.

The Nine Motivators

The Motivational Map is based on Nine Motivators across three clusters of information: motivation through relationships, motivation through achievements, and motivation through individual growth. These each contain three core motivations.


Benefits of Motivational Maps

These reports offer numerous benefits. They can enhance self-awareness, increase motivation and performance, improve engagement and productivity, and provide better career and personal development insights. They also provide valuable information for individuals and teams, giving them an understanding of what motivatates them and their colleagues.

Application in Personal Development

In the context of personal development, having this information can help an individual understand their core motivators, which can guide them in setting meaningful goals and making important life decisions. In some cases it can also help overcome personal and career development issues.

Application in Business

In a business context, Motivational Maps can help organisations understand how their employees' motivators align with their values, mission, and vision.  They can also be useful to inform processes such as career and talent management and the performance management process.

Want to know more?

If you have questions or would like to know more, Amberock Training and Development are qualified practitioners for Motivational Maps and would happy to help, so please get in touch!