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How Earth Green can show up in your management style…


Insights Discovery is a powerful tool that uses a simple and memorable four-color model to help individuals understand their unique preferences. The four colours involved are Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue. By understanding Insights Discovery, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves, our preferences, and the ways we operate. It also helps us to better understand those we interact with. This blog focuses on how the Earth Green colour energy can manifest in our management style.

Earth Green Managers: Strengths and Challenges

Managers with strong Earth Green energy are typically helpful, supportive, and empathetic. They prioritize creating an ideal environment, respecting individual perspectives, and nurturing growth. Loyalty, commitment, and trust are essential to them. They also rely on personal values, morals, and core beliefs in decision-making.

However, when under stress or pressure, Earth Green behavior may appear indecisive or submissive as they struggle to maintain peace. This can result in lost momentum and frustrations within teams. Additionally, Earth Green managers may exhibit stubbornness or resistance to change.

Enhancing Relationships as an Earth Green Manager

As a role model, it's vital for managers that lead with this colour energy to be aware of their behavior and make conscious choices. Here are some tips for improving connections with your team:

  1. Acknowledge differing perspectives: Not everyone is as patient or amenable as you. Help others slow their pace and consider alternative viewpoints.
  2. Trust the process: Embrace challenges and changes as important components of overall success.
  3. Engage the whole team: Use your skills of connection to involve everyone in achieving goals.
  4. Adapt to different work styles: Tight deadlines and interruptions may not suit your preferences but are often necessary. Create an environment that works for both you and your team by implementing processes that accommodate everyone's comfort levels.

Keep an eye out for our other blogs on how Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, and Cool Blue energies can show up in management styles.

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