Management Development


COMPASS is our readymade Management Development solution, designed for new managers in any organisation.

COMPASS is made up of 7 key principles:

C –  Communication

O – Optimising Performance

M – Motivating, Developing & Coaching

P –  Personal Effectiveness

A – Appraisals & Effective Performance Discussions

S – Selecting Individuals & Building Teams

S – Self-Awareness (using Insights Discovery)


Each of these principles have a readymade 4-hour workshop designed to give each delegate the skills, knowledge and practise they need to be confident and competent in that subject area.

To create the perfect Management Development solution for your organisation, simply select as many (or as few) of the principles as you wish and we will do the rest!

Each COMPASS principle is offered at a fixed price for a group of up to 12 (with a minimum of 6).  This includes all the course materials and suggested follow-up activities to continue the learning back in the workplace.

Contact Nicola for a free consultation to see how COMPASS would work in your organisation.