#Lovelearning – Day 3 (Aim)


Welcome back to day three of #Valentinesweek at Amblerock Training & Development

Just to remind you, we are getting into the Valentine’s spirit this week by helping you to #Lovelearning! There are 5 things you need to do well to get more from learning…they are:

  • Be an expert at Listening
  • Engage with the learning experience
  • Be clear on your personal Aims and objectives
  • Spend time Reflecting on what you have learnt
  • Use your new learning to help you Navigate your journey

These key points come together to make the acronym LEARN…and this week we are exploring each one to help you make the most of it.  So far we have covered Listening and Engage and today we are looking at A – Aim.

Being clear on your personal aims and objectives is very important in helping you maximise a learning experience.  You need to know what you would like to achieve so that you have half a chance of getting it!  You need to understand your motivation for learning…what do you want to get from the session?  How will this learning help you achieve your overall goals?  What new skills, knowledge, or experience are you looking for?  What does success look like and how will you measure it?  In essence you need to be able to focus your listening skills and powers of engagement to paying attention to the right stuff and without being clear on your aim…you just won’t know where to start!

Interestingly, learning motivation changes as we get older and Tom Bodett’s quote “The difference between School and Life?  In School you’re taught a lesson and then given a test.  In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson” highlights this well.  In school, students get into a routine of being taught ready for a test.  The tests serve a purpose to ensure the student is receiving the correct information and attaining the right level of education.  However, in life you often learn not because you are being told to, but because there is (or was) a need or a problem.  For example, imagine you are following a recipe which asks you to ‘julienne the carrots’. The keen chefs reading this will know exactly what to do – for everyone else you might turn to trusty Google for the answer…and in that moment you will be seeking the information you need in order to bridge the gap between the knowledge you have and the knowledge you need because it has become clear during the cooking process that you had a training need.  Although it may only take 30 seconds to find the answer you are looking for, you still need to be clear about the aim you have for meeting this learning need – otherwise you can easily get distracted browsing the internet for all kinds of random things (and not learning about julienne vegetables!)

My challenge to you is to spend 5 minutes before you next go to a learning event to sit and think about what you would like to achieve from the session.  Be clear about your aims and objectives (and even better, write them down in the notebook you will be taking to the session so that you can see them clearly).  Whether it is a full day workshop or a 15 minute briefing – the same principle applies and will really help you get the most from the session.

See you tomorrow for the next instalment of #Lovelearning week which will focus on R – Reflect, where we explore the power of spending time reflecting on what you have learnt.


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