#Lovelearning -Day 1 (Listen)

2lovelearing-tuesdayHappy Valentine’s Day! Welcome to #Valentinesweek at Amblerock Training & Development

This week we are getting into the Valentine’s spirit by helping you to #Lovelearning! There are 5 things you need to do well to get more from learning…they are:

  • Be an expert at Listening
  • Engage with the learning experience
  • Be clear on your personal Aims and objectives
  • Spend time Reflecting on what you have learnt
  • Use your new learning to help you Navigate your journey

These key points come together to make the acronym LEARN…and this week we will explore each one to help you make the most of it.

So today is ‘L’ for Listen…Often learning experiences that you have will involve listening to someone or something.  Your job as a learner is to listen to the information you are given, make sense of it and apply what is relevant to your situation – easy!  Or maybe not…this quote by John Maxwell “The greatest enemy of learning is knowing” highlights how we can sabotage our ability to learn because we think we already know everything and in effect we switch off our listening and allow our minds to do other things.  We are probably all guilty of this at times and sometimes it is harmless – but other times this self-sabotage will mean that we miss the vital piece of learning that could change our lives!

Think about your day or week so far.  How many times have you been guilty of going through the motions (and looking convincing doing it!) but not actually focusing on what you are being told?  How many times have people done it to you?  As a trainer I often see people sat in the room who are not fully focused.  Sometimes they are distracted by physical things (mobile phones, other people, a person passing the window etc) but sometimes they are distracted by their mind telling them that they know this subject and they have better things to be doing back at their desks.  This feeling of ‘knowing’ often limits your ability to open your mind to new information and opportunity.

To learn anything you need to have an open mind, you need to be present in the moment and be awake to truly listen to everything that is being given to you.  You need to remove the distractions – both physical and mental – and enable your mind to focus on all the information being delivered.  You need to make a conscious choice and effort to LISTEN.

Someone who knows a lot about listening is Julian Treasure.  He is a sound guru who advises individuals and top brands on how to use sound to improve their ‘health, wealth and happiness’.  He has delivered a number of TED talks on the subject of listening and below is a link to one of those talks that you might find very useful if you would like to improve your listening skills.  I hope you enjoy it…let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


See you tomorrow for the next instalment of #Lovelearning week which will focus on E – Engage, where we explore why you need take an active part in a learning experience to get the best from it.


#Lovelearning #Valentinesweek #Amblerock

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