Introducing Amblerock Training & Development


So, I thought I might take a minute to tell you more about my new business – Amblerock Training & Development.

I have more than fifteen years’ experience in Learning & Development and I am bringing everything that I have learnt along the way to create a people development business with a clear focus on the learning experience.  I offer a range of ‘readymade’ training courses (meaning that they are designed, tested and ready to go) which I can deliver in any business as well as a training design service that means I can create fully bespoke training products (workshops, materials, videos etc) meeting the exact needs of any business.  The bespoke products can also be delivered by me – or can be packaged ready for the businesses to deliver themselves.

Three words are at the core of Amblerock Training & Development…Inspire, Innovate and Improve.  I want anyone who comes into contact with me and my business to be inspired to learn, grow, change and develop in whatever format that takes.  I’m also all about innovation – I want to create new and exciting ways for people to experience development…the one thing you won’t find with me is 176 slides and a laser pointer!   I believe that learning is all about improvement – improving yourself, your understanding, your confidence, your ability, your business, your impact on others…the list is endless!  In my opinion, learning (in whatever format it takes) should be relevant, interesting, engaging, memorable and all based around improvement – simply put, learners should be able to do something better after than before!

I have a very exciting road ahead and as I develop my business over the coming months and years, there will be lots of new, exciting and innovative learning opportunities and experiences which I am really excited to share with you all…so watch this space!

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